Sign Language Messenger

“Sanvaadha” is a mobile app specially designed and developed by us to break the communication barriers between deaf people in their day-to-day life. This app contains animated sign language GIF words to create messages. Using these animated sign language GIF words deaf people can generate complex paragraphs or sentences and then those messages can be sent via popular messaging platforms such as facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.

These sentences can also be translated into Sinhala text which usual people can read and understand. Also they can present those text sentences to people in public places such scenarios like asking something to buy from a shop, asking for price for something etc.

Solution for this app is designed and developed by us based on 1 year of research. Our client Ahanna foundation  reached to us with the problem that they are facing day to day communication with deaf people. So then we started a research to understand the way they communicate and then we found possible solutions we can provide at low cost to their budget. This was a result of all our team efforts.

There are over more than 300,000 people are deaf in Sri Lanka and this app is now helping to solve their communication problems. The app is currently in beat testing stage and I’ll be available soon for every one to download. Still if your interested to try this app you can download it from android app store.